What To Expect

 You will first be given a Health Assessment Form to fill out to determine your overall health status.  We will also do a Bioimpedence Analysis to determine not only your fat and lean muscle mass but also your level of toxicity and hydration.
The programs are then explained in detail and a decision is made about which program would best suit you and your goals.

Both programs consist of:
· Comprehensive Detox Kit:  This kit is a full-body detoxification, drainage and physiological regulation program designed to optimize all major organ functions and systems related to    cleaning and detoxifying the body.
· HA2CG: Supports the body to:
               • Eliminate toxins released when fat is solubilized
               • Manage and regulate glucose levels
               • Support healthy acid/alkaline balance (a higher pH or more alkaline                                   environment is favorable for metabolism and overall health)

               • Regulate common hormonal issues related to dieting (controlling appetite,                      reducing ​cravings)

               • Support immune system in reducing viral load
               • Minimize the effects of trauma and stress on the body related to weight loss

                  and reduced caloric intake.

· Supplements to help with cravings, mood swings, blood sugar regulation
· Low-calorie diet
· Weekly visits
· 10-12 Week program which includes a 4-6 week maintenance phase