We offer life-changing care through Functional Medicine for over 30 years

About Us

Getting to root of the problem is our focus!

We believe everything begins at the cellular level.  That is why we incorporate Functional Medicine, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), Laser, Oxygen Therapy and Nutrition into our care programs.

"Thank you for essentially giving our daughter her health back.  She's like a brand new kid and we are forever grateful!  You truly listened to us when no one else had and gave us hope...We are so blessed God placed you in our life"    A.E. Peoria, IL  

"...From the moment I walk in the door, from a smile & friendly greeting to treatments and a listening ear...I always leave the office feeling so much better and know people really care in making me feel better too!...I can't recommend this place highly enough."    S.S. of Pekin, IL

Who We Help

AutoImmune Diseases

Are you looking for a better approach to health care?  No matter what type of autoimmune disease you have the problem lies within your immune system not the organ affected by the disease. At Dimensional Health in Morton we utilize functional medicine to address the underlying cause of your condition.


In the human study PEMF outperformed antibiotics significantly in the treatment of BPH.   You have no idea how much PEMF can help...until you try it!

Allergy Relief

Allergy laser stress reduction

"Spring has sprung! The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and grass is being mowed.  My doors are open and my eyes are not watering, nose is not running & I don't have a tickle in my throat!"

~ C. H. of Morton, IL 


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