Video Testimonials

Brynn's mother, Amy, discusses her daughter's journey back to health.

What Our Patients Are Saying



“I no longer have to wear a mask when leaving the house

& I can now be close to dogs with no reaction!”

                                                                              ~D.W. of Morton, IL

 "I am doing well with my migranes since going through your program. Every once in a while I still get them but not nearly as much nor as bad as I used to! Your program has really really helped!!" 

                     ~ M.C of Tremont, IL 


“My digestion has greatly improved since going through the NSRT treatments. I am still amazed!”

                     ~  K.G. of Goodfield, IL


"...I remember going for the first treatment and feeling like nothing was happening.  The only thing I felt was stupid...wondering if I was getting nothing for something.  About a month later I began to notice something...I was not sneezing, there was no runny nose each morning when I was putting my make-up on.  What in the world?! So full blown winter comes along with full-blown humidifier season.  OH NO! and what? Nothing! No sneezing, no red Rudolph nose, no running to find the Kleenex box, no embarrassing mucous.  Winter passes, spring passes, winter comes again---nothing!!! It is now a year and 3 months later.  There are no Kleenex boxes in the house anymore!  There is nothing but clear, full, breathing through my nose all day long.  I don't need them anymore thanks to the BAX laser treatments...

                         ~MCQ of Galesburg


"I've been allergic to cats since I was a child and did the allergy shots, etc. but nothing worked.  For the first time in my life I can pick up our cat and not go into a sneezing fit...AMAZING!!"

                      ~Karen L of Dunlap, IL


"I gave this a one in a million chance of working and it did!"                                                       ~Dave of Goodfield, IL

Low back pain


Before starting treatment with the DRX9000 I was experiencing constant lower back pain, with periodic episodes of severe muscle spasms.  The constant low grade pain, interspersed with extreme anguish, was wearing on me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I was afraid that I would need back surgery, since normal chiropractic adjustments weren't helping.  I noticed improvement after the 3rd or 4th treatment and have been spasm-free for at least 6 weeks.  While I still ice my back in the morning I have whole days that I forget I even had back pain.  I used to live on ibuprofen on normal days and muscle relaxers or Vicodin on the bad ones...I can freely recommend the DRX treatment as effective and worth while.    

         ~ Phil Migit, 

           Owner of Dealers Automotive


I lived with back pain for years! The worst time of the day was right after I woke up and got out of bed.  I had to sit in a chair or walk around right after waking up.  I could not make breakfast since that required me to stand in one place too long.  I went thru the DRX treatments hoping to get some relief from pain.  I never thought it would go away completely!  I am no longer restricted by what I can and cannot do due to my back.  I enjoy a pain free life from lower back pain!

             ~ Christine P.  of  Deercreek, IL

Miscellaneous Testimonials

 ​"I had pain and numbness in both hands for over 7 months.  I was to the point of dropping things.  It was even affecting my sleep.  Being a full-time farmer I knew I couldn't afford the time off for surgery.  Since using the instrument my hands are feeling great.  It was well worth it!"              ~ Rodney G. of Washington